WordPress revision restore not working – Fast Solution

WordPress restore revision not working mainly happened for plugins, themes or website cache. So let me tell you a few steps to solve it quickly, and you need to follow them one by one. I hope your problem will be solved quickly.

Wordpress revision restore not working

Let’s start with the revision checking. First, please ensure the revision version you selected is the correct revision version you want to restore. Never mind, I have had an experience where people have chosen the same revision version they have currently on their page. So check carefully if the version you want to restore is the right one.

After checking the version, if you see that you are right with the version selection, then let’s move on to a few things.

As I said before, if the correct selected version is not restoring your end, it must be something with any plugin, theme, site cache, or custom code causing the trouble.

Now it’s time to find out what’s actually causing the trouble, but before doing that, please take a backup of the site with any plugin you are comfortable with.

After taking the backup, let’s try disabling all plugins first. Then, after disabling the plugins, try restoring your page one more time.

If that’s not restoring the page again, then let’s deactivate the current theme and go with any wordpress default themes like twenty twenty-two or twenty-one theme.

Now doing this deactivation of the plugins or themes, some may already get the restoration solution, but some still may not.

Now those people got a solution. After only disabling plugins, now activate one by one and try to restore another version. It’s going to take a good amount of time, but that way, you can detect the problematic plugin causing an error to your site.

In my experience, I mostly saw that block plugins cause this problem very much. So try to update any block plugin you have which is causing the error.

Let’s move again with the people who are still having restoration problems.

  1. Try cleaning your server cache. From your Cpanel, go to cache manager, and from there, select your website domain and hit purge cache. After doing that, clear your browser cache from browser settings. Try again and see if that’s helping; if not, try next. 
  2. Be certain that you have both third-party cookies and JavaScript on your browser. 
  3. Deactivate all browser extensions or add-ons for some time. 
  4. Try enabling HTTPS on your domain. or check if that’s working properly. If https is active but not working properly, try to use the Really Simple SSL plugin. 
  5. If you still having the problem, please try with another web browser. 

I hope so far you can solve this problem by yourself following the tips. But none of the above is working for you. So please don’t get sad; we are here to help you. Don’t hesitate to comment on your problem; if you want, we can go through your site with a minimum charge. That would require server access to check everything is functional. Thanks, and praying these tips really help you guys. Cheers. 

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