How to Remove “this entry was posted in uncategorized by bookmark the permalink” ?

If you need to remove “this entry was posted in uncategorized by bookmark the permalink” texts from your website’s single post just know that its coming from your theme . It’s a wordpress theme feature below the article’s author section where individuals post a reply to the comments. Something we can see similar to this.

this entry was posted in uncategorized by bookmark the permalink

If you want to remove this, you can do it using CSS coding. However, before telling you how to do it, I will assume you are not skilled in CSS coding or Web Development. That’s why I will show you via screenshots part by the part where anyone can do it without any coding knowledge.

First, I will show you how you can inspect a class of an HTML element. By inspecting, you will find out the element and see the CSS class name of that element. When you find the class name, you will write a simple CSS code using the display none property.

CSS display none property is the way you can use not only with this website content but also with any texts, images, or contents of a website to remove.

First Step Whichever content part you want to hide from the website just select it like this-

Now click the right button of the mouse, and you will see something like this.

Now click on the inspect , and you will see something like this.

Here you can see an HTML element called < div > and a class property whose name is given “entry-utility.”

Now depending on HTML and element and CSS class name, we will write a very small short CSS code that will remove it. The code is given below.


Ok, please check how we placed the div element and class name together and under the display property code’s braces. Depending on the themes, this element and class name could be different. Just write code as I did. Element name.class name, then add the braces and code.

If you can do that, you can remove any content from the website using this simple CSS code.

After writing this code, where do we need to place it to do action? From Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS

Click on the Additional CSS tab, place the code, and save it. Check now. The content should be gone from the website now.

Let us know if you got help from this post. Also, if you still have a problem with fixing anything similar to this, don’t hesitate to let us know via comment or you can send us message through contact form.

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