How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress

In the world of web design and content management, which is always changing, being able to copy a page in WordPress is a useful skill. Knowing how to duplicate a page can save you time and effort, whether you’re making multiple landing pages for a marketing campaign or want to copy a well-structured plan. This article will show you step-by-step how to easily copy a page in WordPress.

Why Duplicate a Page in WordPress?

Before we dive into the details, let’s understand why you might need to duplicate a page on your WordPress website:

Content Consistency

It’s important that your whole website has the same style and layout. Duplicating a well-made page makes sure that everything is the same.

Time Efficiency

Duplicating a page with similar features can save you a lot of work and time instead of starting from scratch.

A/B Testing

Duplicating pages is important for marketers who want to A/B test different forms of content and layouts to see what works best with their audience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Duplicating a Page in WordPress

Now, let’s get into the practical steps on how to duplicate a page in WordPress:

Log In to Your WordPress Dashboard

Begin by logging in to your WordPress admin dashboard using your credentials.

Navigate to the Page Editor

Once you’re signed in, go to the page you want to copy. You can find this by going to “Pages” in the tab on the left and choosing the page you want from the list.

Enter the Page Editor

Click on the page you wish to duplicate to enter the page editor.

Duplicate the Page

Look for the “More Options” menu in the page designer. It looks like three dots or an ellipsis (…). Click on it to see more choices, and then choose “Duplicate.”

Edit the Duplicate Page (if needed)

After you copy the page, you’ll be led to the editor for the duplicate page. Here is where you can make any changes you need to make it different from the original page.

Save or Publish the Duplicate Page

When you’re done making changes, hit “Save Draft” or “Publish” to make the duplicate page live on your website.

Check the Duplicate Page

To make sure everything looks the way it should, go to the copy page by clicking “View Page” or “Preview Changes.”

Duplicating a page in WordPress is a simple but powerful tool that can make it easier for you to manage your website and add content. This guide has everything you need, whether you want to keep the style the same or try out different ways to change the content.


Can I duplicate any page in WordPress, including posts and custom post types?

Yes, you can use the same way shown in this guide to copy pages, posts, and even custom post types.

Will duplicating a page affect my website’s SEO?

No, copying a page doesn’t hurt SEO by itself. But make sure to keep the content and meta information up to date to avoid problems with duplicate material.

Are there plugins available for duplicating pages?

Yes, there are plugins like “Duplicate Page” and “Yoast Duplicate Post” that can simplify the process further.

Can I duplicate a page on the WordPress mobile app?

Even though you can edit and handle pages on the mobile app, it’s usually easier to copy pages on a desktop or laptop.

What precautions should I take when duplicating pages?

Always check the copy page and make changes to it to make sure it is different from the original. Pay attention to SEO and the text to avoid problems with duplication.

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