How to deliver wordpress website to client ? Step by Step Guide

There are several steps involved in how to deliver wordpress website to client process. I will be explaining the steps one by one here. 

  1. Before delivering the website, make sure it is thoroughly tested, and all bugs have been fixed. Testing includes checking the website on different browsers and devices to be sure it is fully responsive.
  2. Taking a backup of the website, while taking backup, make sure the backup contains all files and the database, and provide it to the client as a precautionary measure. The backup process can be done in two ways. One using a plugin like the “All in one migration” plugin or Duplicator. Two, taking backup manually. If you want to take a backup manually, you need to know which things you must download from the server. Make sure you download the wp-content folder and the entire database file from phpmyadmin. Zip it together; these files will be enough to restore the site on other servers.
  3. Provide the client with documentation on how to restore your backup on his server. Also, tell the client how to use and maintain the website, including login details, how to update content, and how to troubleshoot common issues.
  4. Handover: Once the client has accepted the website, hand over all login details, including FTP and WordPress login information.
  5. If your client cannot restore the backup, you need to do it for them. Once the client accepts the website, deploy it to the client’s server. The deploy process or restore process can be done using one of the methods, such as FTP, Export/Import, Backup/Restore, Managed hosting, or Cloud-based hosting, depending on how you managed to take the backup.
  6. Provide the client with support for a certain period after the website has been delivered. Migration process, one should provide the service of troubleshooting and fixing any issues that arise.
  7. Provide the client with a maintenance plan to make sure that the website is kept up to date, secure, and functioning properly.

It’s essential to communicate clearly with the client and ensure they understand the process and have all the necessary information to use and maintain the website.

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