How to add captcha to contact form 7 of wordpress?

If you are a beginner with wordpress website development and using contact form 7 plugin for your leads, you may have trouble to add captcha to the contact form 7.

Forms are an essential part of a website. With a contact form, leads and sales are being generated on websites. Now in wordpress for contact forms, everyone uses plugins and most used plugin is contact form 7. We will see the implementation of a captcha with this plugin.

First, we need to know what CAPTCHA is and why we need to use them in forms?


CAPTCHA stands for the Completely Automated Public Turing, a form intended to keep automated programs from accessing your website. Generally, it means a program that differentiates the action of a program and humans in a website. The most vastly used CAPTCHA system is reCAPTCHA which Google provides.

Why do we use CAPTCHA in forms?

Imagine you wake up in the morning, check your email inbox, and see your inbox is overflowing with spam emails. These emails are entries from your wordpress website contact form. From thousand of spam emails, you will face a hard time finding out which is your sale email and email spacing is oversized. So spamming will cost you time and money. To save both of them CAPTCHA system throughs challenges before the submission of each entry of your contact forms. So automated spamming system fails, and real human entries got submitted.

So how do we use the reCAPTCHA system in our forms?

Almost every plugin of wordpress uses the reCAPTCHA system. Except for reCAPTCHA, there are a few captcha system plugins available that are not worthful and not recommended. So I will be showing the implementation of reCAPTCHA almost with every popular contact form of wordpress. Let’s see them one by one here.

Before installing reCAPTCHA with every plugin, we need to create Site Key and Secret Key for reCAPTCHA from the google reCAPTCHA URL.

Click here to create your site key and secret key for your contact form.

After clicking the URL, you will see a form will appear. which is looks like this

On the form, write your website name on the label field, select reCAPTCHA version 2, and provide the domain URL. Now you may ask why version 2 ? why not version 3 ? version 2 is the most tested method and works well so far. Version 3 where automatically does human verification and is not yet very popular cause sometimes it causes trouble in my experience. After filling the forms it should look the below image.

Now you can hit the submit button and a page will appear where you can see the site key and secrete key for your website.

You need to copy them and implement them with forms. Now its time to see settings of each form plugin where we can use these keys for CAPTCHA.

Contact form 7 plugin setup with CAPTCHA v2 and v3

After installing the plugin from the dashboard, a menu item name “CONTACT” on the left-hand side will appear, and the mouse hovers there. You will see a sub menu called “Integration.” Click on that.

After going the integration page you will see at the very bottom the option for reCAPTCHA is available and click on that button. After clicking the button a page will appear where you can insert your site key and secrete keys. But if you look at closely to the instruction you will see they said that contact form 7 plugin by default supports reCAPTCHA V3. Now we have created site keys with v2 selection. Now if you want to go with v3 reCAPTCHA , simply you can insert your v3 keys and CAPTCHA will start working. But if you have v2 reCAPTCHA site keys, it won’t work simply by giving keys. Its going to need another plugin. So before setting up that plugin you can insert keys here and lets move forward to see how we can make v2 reCAPTCHA work with contact form 7.


To setup v2 reCAPTCHA with contact form 7 easily we can just install another wordpress plugin. Plugin name is ReCaptcha v2 for Contact Form 7, install this plugin and lets see how to setup v2 with this plugin.

I will assume that you already know how to install a plugin and the basic process of activation. Now after the plugin activation lets see the settings.

After the activation of this plugin you will see a new setting option will arrive under the integration of contact menu. Which should look the below image.

Now click on the reCaptcha version sub menu link. you will see two setting options. which will look like below.

Now select reCaptcha version 2 from reCaptcha usage option and select google from reCaptcha source option and hit submit button.

This plugin setup is done. Now if we go to any of our exisitng forms from contact form 7, We will see a new shortcode option will appear for our reCAPTCHA V2. Which we will insert before submit shortcode. Check the image below.

That’s it. This will do the V2 reCAPTCHA setup. Now if you implement this form and you will see CAPTCHA challenge will appear before submission button of your form.

If you have any query you can comment below or if you need emergency 24×7 wp support just contact us via chat or contact form. We will reach you as soon as we receive your message.

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